Welcome to Sera Jey Ngari Khangtsen,

Buddhist Education Society in Exile!

Our Khangtsen is one of the sixteen Houses of Sera Jey Monastic University
located in the oldest Tibetan refugee camp in India, Bylakuppe, State of Karnataka, South India.

Khangtsen is the Tibetan word for hostel or house. Peace, Harmony, Goodnesss and Responsibility are our key words for making everybody feel at home here in the Khangsten. 

The Khangtsen helps us feel at ease and enables us to concentrate on our extensive studies. We are surrounded by other monks who speak our dialect and can properly support the young ones away from home, whilst maintaining our heritage. This is very important due to the fact that so many of us are very young and our studies are very rigorous.

It creates a feeling of home away from home – and an assurance for the parents of the young.

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