The Khangtsen

Ngari Khangtsen

Khangtsen is the Tibetan word for HOSTEL. As in the great monasteries of central Tibet, each hostel is linked to a province and has to accommodate the monks that hail from this area. These houses function independently and have to find their own donators/supporters to provide the monks with the living necessities, which includes medical care, and schooling material, as well as housing.
60 % of our monks fall in the 15-30 age group and many come from underprivilaged areas/families. They are therefore in need of considerable financial support. The Ngari Khangtsen is in fact one of the poorer Khangtsens of the Sera Jey Monastic University.

The Khangtsen Monks in 1980
The Khangtsen Monks in 1980

Buddhist Studies in a Monastic Setting

The Purpose of Buddhist Studies is among many things, to maintain and expand peace and harmony, create goodness in human beings and to promote a sense of responsibility.

The reason for taking ordination and becoming a monk is to practice renunciation, ethics and to learn and study. Monks undergo strict training in discipline and virtue called “Vinaya”. They receive the three higher trainings: Vinaya (monk’s vows), Sutra (teachings of the Buddha) and Abhidharma (Wisdom). Monks renounce ordnary living for a simple life focused on personal development towards wisdom – through rigorous study and training. Monks renounce possessions, personal schedules, personal space, opinions, needs, and comforts. They do this,not for personal gain, but in order to help all sentient beings.

Our Home…

The Khangtsen helps us feel at ease and enables us to concentrate on our studies, since we are surrounded by monks who speak  our dialect, can support the small ones away from home, and understand our heritage. This is very important due to the fact that so many of us are very young and our studies are very rigorous.

It creates a feeling of home – and an assurance of wellbeing for the parents of the young. 


 Our Friends of Ngari

We have been lucky to have many friends that support us. Our official support is located in France. Please contact them should you want to donate money, arrange a tour – or any other associated issue.

The French foundation in support of the Ngari Khangtsen Monks you will find here:
Friends of Ngari Khangtsen.