European Tour 2016

Sacred Arts Tour, Europe,  2016 and 2015

The Ngari Khangtsen monks from the Sera Monastery in South India toured Europe from April to July 2016, sharing their unique culture and their Buddhist activities. They performed sacred dances known as Cham during both of their cultural performances (Breath of Ngari and Three Tales of Ngari). The monks will create sand mandalas, chant traditional prayers, or perform various rituals in order to eliminate obstacles and accumulate merits to achieve peace and prosperity.

Please contact Les amis du khangtène de Ngari (The friends of Ngari Khangtsen) on or write to for more information.

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Pictures from the 2015-tour:

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SiTi Theater 06

SiTi Theater 02

Making tormas


Making tormas 02



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2015 05 09 Tibet Museum 16

2015 05 09 Tibet Museum 07


2015 05 09 Tibet Museum 04

2015 05 09 Tibet Museum 10




2015 05 09 Tibet Museum 11


2015 05 09 Tibet Museum 08

2015 05 09 Tibet Museum 12




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2017 Peace Tour

We are doing it again!

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