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2017 Himalayan Sacred Arts Tour announced!

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The aims of these tour are to share the deep culture of the Ngari region while collecting funds to support Ngari Khangtsen. For this 2017 Tour, the Office decided to support specifically the monks who are starting and achieving their geshe studies, an equivalent of a Buddhist philosophy PH. D. as to get qualified Teachers is very important for the next generations and the futur of monasteries.

The 2017 Tour will be dedicated to:

1. build new rooms for the seniors monks and geshes.

2. create a specific “geshe insurance” funds. After 23 years of hard studies, the monks who are attempting their geshe degree have to make offerings to the whole Sangha of Sera Jey – more than 3000 monks – for a total of about 4000€. Ngari Khangtsen Office would like to save on a specific bank account with interest 100 000 indian rupees -about 1350€ – on the name of each candidate. If a monk failed his geshe degree, the money saved on his name will be dedicated to others.


The Prayer Hall

Opening of the Temple on 20th November 2016 at 12:00 – read more here.



Khensur Rinpoche’s Stupa

When great masters pass away, there are often two stupas constructed. The first stupa is constructed to be used for actual cremation of the body, the second is used to place and hold the bodily remains…. 

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Himalayan Sacred Arts for Peace Tour 2016

Performances and Rituals

During the Tour, which you can read more about on the dedicated page, the monks of Ngari Khangtsen performed sacred dances, sand mandalas, tormas, various rituals and prayers and divinations. 




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Ladhaki Melodious Concert!

Dearest Ladakhis!

We are happy to annouce LADAKH MELODIOUS GRAND CONCERT during summer in different parts of Ladakh from Zangskar to Changthang from 15th June to 31st July, 2015….

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Latest News!

2017 Peace Tour

We are doing it again!

Contact tour organiser for more information


We need your help!

Traditionally monks have been dependent on and supported by the families and the community in which they live. In exile, this has proven to be very difficult.
A lot of the families are too poor to help, or on the "wrong" side of the Indian/Tibetan border.

Donations from people like you made our housing possible! We are still building - if you would like to help out - feel free to click on the DONATE-button below:

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