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You will find us on 

Usually we update our Facebook page more often than this web-page, so it is worthwhile for you to both like and to follow us there! We also have a blog, address below in the footer of this page, which foremost contains historical information.

Friends of Ngari

We are lucky to have many friends that support us. Our official international support organisation is located in France and headed by mr. Michel Henry. Please contact them should you want to donate money, arrange a tour – or any other associated issue.
The French foundation in support of the Ngari Khangtsen Monks you will find here:

http://Friends of Ngari Khangtsen.


You may contact us directly here:


Comments or questions are welcome.

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Latest News!

2017 Peace Tour

We are doing it again!

Contact tour organiser for more information


We need your help!

Traditionally monks have been dependent on and supported by the families and the community in which they live. In exile, this has proven to be very difficult.
A lot of the families are too poor to help, or on the "wrong" side of the Indian/Tibetan border.

Donations from people like you made our housing possible! We are still building - if you would like to help out - feel free to click on the DONATE-button below:

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